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Local SEO 101There are people who have searched for your company without being able to find it. You might not have realized it, but you lost the client to your competitors. The reason is simply that when potential clients use their mobile phones to do a search for a company near them, yours will not be found.

You might argue that your company should be found because you have a well-designed and responsive website. Truth is, you are hoping to be found based on the organic results displayed based on relevance when a search is made, There is one thing you should do to begin ranking your website well:


No matter how well designed your website is you need to optimize it well or risk not being seen when potential clients do a local search. Local SEO is a must for local businesses that want to be found because more often than not, the people searching locally are nearby and will do business with the company they find You do not want to lose a potential client to the competitor. This is the edge that a company which shows up under Local 3-pack has over local businesses that depends on organic results. You can claim your listing Google.com/business.


When you claim your listing it means that when a local business search is done, your website is easily found by the searcher. In a world, where recent statistics show that 88% of people use their smartphones to search for local businesses, you really have to get serious about optimizing your website.

Internet searchers do not have any patients for local companies which can not give them the information they need while on the go. You have to grow with the trend as the days of depending strictly on brick and mortar business is gone. Most times, clients have used their smartphones to make a research before deciding on what and who to buy from. Therefore, you need to put your pro home fitness company in their face.


Here is a video showing you how to claim or add your listing.


First, you must realize that content is the most important thing on a website. If there is no information worth reading, a visitor referred by a search engine will leave your website immediately. Having noted that, make sure that the title of each page on your website, better known as title tag, is unique and reflects the content on the pages as much as possible. It should also be made to capture your city and state as much as possible.

The second step is to providE good content through the use of keywords that of course should include your city and state. It describes in detail what your page is all about.

Third, your domain name will not really affect your ranking in a search, but it is best for you to make it simple.

Finally, you need to make use of headers that will be helpful to your visitors. These headers will tell them in advance if they will get the information they need on your page without having to read through every single word.

You can add to this by making sure your website is properly cited whereever it is mentioned. With an effective local SEO, your pro home fitness company will experience a huge boost.

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