IYork PhotoManip Tutorial

iYork Tutorial Part 0 available there >

Finally decided to make a tutorial!
This one is a step by step of my iYork piece

The iYork Tutorial has 7 Parts:
Part 0 > The Images
Part 1 > The Model
Part 2 > The Textures
Part 3 > Stock IMG & Details
Part 4 > Textures and Brushes
Part 5 > Stock & Light/Shadow
Part 6 > The Final Step

The Part 0 is used for stock images I used during this tutorial.. Like the model for instance.
You need to follow each part in the above order to be able to do this tutorial. You can’t skip any of it if you want the same result.

Have fun !!

Click here to Full-view Part 1

Click here to Full-view Part 2

Click here to Full-view Part 3

Click here to Full-view Part 4

Click here to Full-view Part 5

Click here to Full-view Part 6

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