Enlight Boom Effect in Photoshop

Quickly create a cool explosion of light graphics effect on Photoshop.

1. Create new RGB image with any size..Here i will choose 500/100..Then press “D”..This will reset swatches..


2. Then go to Filter : Render : Clouds

3. Then Filter : Pixelize : Mosaic [ 15 pixels ]

4. Then Blur : Radial Blur [ Zoom / 20 ]

5. Then Stylize : Emboss [ 135 degrees / height 10 / amount: 170 ]

6. Then Brush Strokes : Accent edges [ width 2 / brightness 38 / smoothness 5]

7. Then Stylize : Find edges

8. Then Image : Adjust : Invert [or] Ctrl+i

9. Then Blur : Radial Blur [Zoom / 60]

10. Then go to Image : Adjust : Levels [or] Ctrl + L and put 60 in the redmarked field

11. Then lets repeat 9 & 10 steps but with another optionsRadial Blur [ 20 ] & Levels [ 200 ] : the same fields

12. Then lets add some contrast. Image : Adjust : Brightness/Contrast and set +30 to contrast

Final. Then we can colorize picture..There are many ways but i like that one : Create a new layer above our crazy effect and fill it with stylish color of your choice and put the layer option to Color

Screen shot 2009-10-02 at 9.49.55 AM

You can change the zoom blur to radial in step 9 for another cool result.

NOTE: The preview images have been shrinked to to 300 of width in order to fit the page. They do not represent the real size. Thank you for using this tutorial!

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