Cinema 4D Clothes Part I

This tutorial will take you through creating clothes in Cinema 4D. You’ll need to have the Clothide module on Cinema 4D. I think that r8 and up have the Clothide module on them. I have more tutorials on the way, they’re just taking much longer to complete then I expected =___=;;;

This tutorial is really for Intermediate to Advanced Cinema 4D users. I’m sure a beginner could complete this tutorial, but I haven’t exactly made it newbie friendly.

1. Start off by going to Objects>Object Library>Human Meg. This will give you the default female model in Cinema 4D. In your Object Panel, right click on the Meg and go to Clothide Tags>Collider. Go to Objects>Polygon Object and switch to the front view (F4 on your keyboard). Make sure you’re in the Point Tool and go to Structure>Create Polygon. Make a polygon like the image below:

2. In Polygon Tool mode, select all the poly gon faces and go to Structure>Mirror, and mirror the polygon and make sure the points running down the center are all aligned down the center of the model:

3. Select whole polygon (includes the mirrored side you just created) and go to Structure>Clone. Once you hit the Apply button, you probably won’t see any change happen on the screen. However, there is a clone of the polygon made, so while you’re still in Polygon Tool mode, switch to the move tool and simply move the object behind the Meg model and make sure that it doesn’t collide with that model:

4. Now, hit Ctrl+A on your keyboard, and go to Functions>Subdivide. Only subdivide the model by 1:

5. You’ll notice that once I subdivided the model, there are triangles. We definately don’t want those, so select two triangles and go to Functions>Melt. This will connect those two triangles into a square:

6. Next, switch to your front viewport (F4 on your keyboard) and also switch to Edge Tool mode.With the Live Selection Tool activated, go to Selection>Loop selection and click on the outer edge of the polygon. What happens is that it’ll select the whole outer rim of the polygon, which isn’t exactly what we want (fig1). So de select areas such as the nick, arm holes, and bottom of the dress (fig2)

7. Switch back into your normal viewport, and the model should look like this:

8. Go to Structure>Stitch and Sew and make sure you hold down the ‘Shift’ key when you attatch the two sides. You can also use the Bridge tool and manually connect the two sides.

9. Select the seam you just created. You can use the Selection>Loop Selection function which will make it much faster:

10. Right click on the polygon object in your object panel, and go to Clothide Tags>Cloth. On the Cloth tag, hit the Seam Poly’s button first, and then hit Dress-o-Matic button second. Now, depending on how good your computer is, this can take a few seconds or a few minutes. Just be patient while it’s “dressing” the model:

11. Once the Dress-o-Matic is complete, click on the Init State button. Your model should look like this:

12. Right click on the dress polygon in your object panel, and go to Clothide Tags>Belt. And put in the same settings as the image below:

**Note: in order to put the Meg in the Belt On option, just drag the Meg object right into that tag’s Belt On box**

13. Go into Polygon Tool mode, and select the waist area of the model (including the back of the waist too):

14 . Go up to Selections>Set Vertex Map and put in these settings:

15. Go into Point Tool mode, and select the same wast area points (including the points in the back of the waist):

16. Click on the Belt Tag, and click on the Points: Set button, and drag the vertex map you created in Step 14 into the Influence Map box. (I named my Vertex Map “waist” by the way):

17. Click on the Cloth tag, and click on the Relax button. Your model should look like this:

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